Corrugated Metal Fence - British Columbia

British Columbia Corrugated Metal Fencing

Why Corrugated Metal Fencing?

For many years OK Vinyl Products was reluctant on selling Corrugated Metal Fencing as many projects were combined with our #1 enemy (Wood). As of spring 2022 OK Vinyl Products has flipped the table on the fencing industry and are now combining our amazing vinyl fences with corrugated steel panels in 4 different premium patterns.

4 Panel Styles To Choose From

You can combine any of these four panels with any of our 6' Full Privacy Vinyl Fencing Styles

Corrugated Metal Fence - British Columbia

Iron Wood

Corrugated Metal Fence - British Columbia


Corrugated Metal Fence - British Columbia


Corrugated Metal Fence - British Columbia


Black is Back

After a long shortage, we are back in black. For more information contact us today.

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Corrugated Metal Fence - British Columbia

Low Maintenance

Consider the years of low maintenance living, money and time saved by not replacing or maintaining that fence. Imagine more time for backyard BBQ's with family and friends and time to do the things you enjoy in life.

Installing On Concrete?

Installing on concrete? No problem. As long as your concrete can support a structure with wind load on it we have a solution! We weld either a 1 7/8" or 2 3/8" pipe on a 4" base plate and have a system to sleeve a vinyl post over.

Many homes and businesses in the British Columbia area have corrugated metal fences installed on their property. They're a popular choice among our British Columbia customers because they are long-lasting, fully customizable, need little upkeep while providing protection and privacy, and are an aesthetically pleasing addition to any property.

Corrugated metal fences are made with corrugated metal panels placed in vinyl rails and posts. These high-quality materials make corrugated metal fences very durable and weather-resistant, making them a fantastic choice for British Columbia properties.

Definitely! Corrugated metal fences are popular due to the privacy they provide. Corrugated metal panels are full-privacy panels that completely block any sight lines.

Corrugated metal fences require almost no upkeep. Both the vinyl posts and rails, as well as the corrugated metal panels are low maintenance and will look fantastic on your property!

Typically, permits are not required to install corrugated metal fences in the British Columbia area. However, some local municipalities may have separate requirements for building permits and there are also HOA considerations in some areas. The best way to get specific answers quickly and accurately is to simply call your town building code office.

Whether you need a residential or commercial corrugated metal fence or a commercial corrugated metal fence we understand that you want a great fence and you don't want to wait forever to get it! Generally, our estimation and installation timelines are based on a large number of factors and are highly variable. To get the most accurate estimate for the timeline of your projects, reach out to us and we will be happy to help!

Other things can delay the start of a fencing project. If you selected a fencing material, style, color, or options that need to be special ordered you may experience some delays while waiting for your project to start. As always, our team will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Corrugated Metal Fencing Examples

Okanagan Valley Corrugated Metal Fence
Okanagan Valley Corrugated Metal Fence
Okanagan Valley Corrugated Metal Fence
Okanagan Valley Corrugated Metal Fence
Okanagan Valley Corrugated Metal Fence
Okanagan Valley Corrugated Metal Fence
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Corrugated Metal Fence Warranty Information

OK Vinyl Products is proud to provide a 1-year workmanship warranty on all corrugated metal fences that we install for our clients, and our corrugated metal fences may be covered by an additional manufacturer warranty. Contact one of our friendly fence professionals to learn more about your specific manufacturer warranty.

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British ColumbiaCorrugated Metal  Fence Warranty Information
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