More Reasons To Choose A Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing with its hundreds of different styles will be an investment you won't lose money on. Ask us, we have a fence to suit your needs and budget!

Comparison To Other Materials

  • Unlike wood and metal, vinyl is virtually maintenance free. No painting, rotting, or rusting.
  • Graffiti will simply wash off of vinyl.
  • Vinyl is completely free of harmful chemicals, and doesn't require sealants or stains for maintenance.
  • Vinyl is just as (oftentimes more) strong and durable as other materials.
  • Vinyl never needs repainting.
  • Vinyl is easy to maintain and clean.
  • Vinyl fencing is completely recyclable and is produced from non-toxic materials.
  • Vinyl is also UV protected and cannot fade or chalk.
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Learn How Vinyl FencingCompares

Yes! Vinyl fences are made of PVC, which does not absorb water, unlike other fencing materials. Some materials, including wood, are prone to absorbing water and weathering in the sun, resulting in rotting, warping, and cracking. When you choose one of our vinyl fences, you can be sure you're receiving a sturdy product that will resist the elements.

Fortunately, vinyl fences are one of the most low-maintenance fence materials on the market. Unlike other fence materials, which require nearly annual staining and painting, vinyl fences will never require refinishing. Vinyl fences typically only require an occasional rinse with clean water to keep them free of debris.

We have noticed a growing trend online for our competitors to boast a thicker product as a superior product.

We are going to dispel that myth.

The thickest vinyl/PVC you will find on the market is typically found in PVC pipe. PVC pipe can be in excess of 1/4 inch thick. If you have ever looked at a PVC pipe that has been left outside for a year, you will notice that it has yellowed or turned brittle.

That is due to the lack of impact modifiers and TI02/Titanium Dioxide.

Just because a vinyl fence profile is thick does not mean that it will hold up to the elements.

Vinyl/PVC strength is measured by the Ultimate tensile strength (UTS), UTS is the maximum stress that a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before necking. Necking is when the specimen's cross-section starts to significantly contract.

Tensile strength is the opposite of compressive strength and the values can be quite different. The UTS is usually found by performing a tensile test and recording the stress versus strain; the highest point of the stress-strain curve is the UTS. It is an intensive property; therefore its value does not depend on the size of the test specimen. However, it is dependent on other factors, such as the preparation of the specimen, the presence or otherwise of surface defects, and the temperature of the test environment and material.

A Vinyl/PVC product can be made stronger utilizing the proper amount of ultraviolet inhibitors and TI02/Titanium Dioxide which acts as a sun block, plus impact modifiers which provide superior strength, impact resistance and flexibility.

The extrusion process is another pivotal difference in separating a quality product from a lesser grade vinyl.

Not all vinyl has the same additives in order to make it strong. Some salespeople like to brag about how thick their vinyl profiles are, but really thickness is only a small part of the equation. Just because a product is thick it does not mean it will stand up. So many things go into the process of making a vinyl profile and turning it into a fence. Things such as the quality of chemicals and supply chain (so you have exactly the same raw product to start with), the speed a profile is run at, even the particle size of certain additives all contribute to the quality of vinyl you will end up with.

Vinyl fences, when constructed from high-quality materials, require less maintenance than other types of fencing. It is highly unlikely that you will ever need to replace a portion of your vinyl fence, but the same cannot be said for other fencing materials.

Additionally, vinyl fences are a solid color throughout and their color will not fade over time, meaning they never require painting or staining. Our vinyl products are designed to last a lifetime!

More Reasons To Choose A Vinyl Fence in British Columbia

OK Vinyl Products offers over 200 diffferent profiles. Our designs are tested and all carry a 30 year warranty

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